Amgrow Sedgehammer 25gm




Sedgehammer herbicide is a water dispersable granule formulation used to kill and remove Nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch without affecting your lawn. Sedgehammer can be safely used on lawn varieties including bent grass, buffalo, couch, kikuyu, perennial ryegrass, QLD Blue couch and Tall fescue.

How to use:

Apply at a rate of 1.3 g (measuring spoon included) per 10 L of water to treat an area of 100 square metres. Apply in Spring or Summer when the Nutgrass leaf growth is greater than 5 cm, or when Mullumbimby couch leaf growth is greater than 2 cm. To obtain best results, apply when weeds are actively growing. With mature Nutgrass plants or high populations, repeat applications may be required.


750g/kg Halosulfuron methyl

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